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I'll catch you up as we make our descent
We're a family of squatters
We reside in the large abandoned house near the train depot
We were never welcome but nobody could legally banish us from our dilapidated palace

You see, a generation ago, David Azure Blue the gypsyman and excommunicated Scarlet Rose Red eloped in the midst of adventure and lust in the out of doors
His past was abusive and cryptic
Hers privileged and neurotic
He's the kind of man who plants his seed and expects others to cultivate it
She's the kind of woman who was taught that pleasing others would make her happy
They were codependent for all the wrong reasons
In time, they would reluctantly welcome me, Aiden Juneau Arson and my twin sister, Violet Rose Belligerence into their world

My scrawny frame and flagrant defiance prematurely cast me as a deviant who would fail to thrive
Scarlet cared for me at a distance when she wasn't preoccupied
David never showed me any love, but he did show me how to start a fire
He no longer wanted to be responsible for keeping the house warm
I was expected to provide without many opportunities to receive
And without the brotherly guidance of James, I began to question my morality with every strike of the match
But despite my disposition, I knew that I'd have to be the one to spark the light at the end of the tunnel

Conversely, Violet quickly fit the mold of a princess growing up
From an early age, she was forced to become a spitting image of Scarlet in her youth, if not more refined
Her precocious nature and conventional cuteness as a child made her more deserving of future success
At least that's what our mother believed
But beneath Violet's calm and collected exterior, she suffocates
And when she cannot conjure up the breath to speak, I must do so for her
She is my sister after all.


from Anarchy in the City of the Restless Mind, released April 14, 2017



all rights reserved


True Joshua Tallahassee, Florida

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